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Let it be

Io sono con te · dir. Guido Chiesa
Italy 2010, 103’


06/30, 22:30 · Kino Centrum


This is a story about Mary of Nazareth — the mother of Jesus Christ, told from a slightly different angle, than usual. The primary focus of the director was on the key role of Mary, in the forming of humanity in young Jesus. The story about the Mother of God and her son is presented in a much more mundane way, paying attention to the aspects that might be appealing to the modern audience: raising and educating of children, the position of women in society and the meaning of the word “love”.

The character of the wise man was portrayed by Jerzy Stuhr.

Director:Guido Chiesa
Screenplay:Guido Chiesa, Nicoletta Micheli, Filippo Kalomenidis
Music:Nicola Tescari
Cinematography:Gherardo Gossi
Editing:Luca Gasparini
Cast:Fabrizio Gifuni, Carlo Cecchi, Giorgio Colangeli, Jerzy Stuhr, Ahmen Afiene