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Yves Saint Laurent — L’amour fou

Szalona miłość — Yves Saint Laurent · dir. Pierre Thoretton
France 2010, 100’


07/01, 12:30 · Baj Pomorski – hall A


Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé met in 1958. It is the first time that Peter Bergé has talked about that affair — the years of passion and storms, extraordinary successes and personal pain — in a feature film. This film is a personal tribute to decadence and beauty, paid to the famous fashion designer, for his unrelenting attitude that broke all the rules and limitations in thinking and acting, of the time. Laurent was not only known for the creating of the world-famous collection of works of art and clothes, but he was also the first one that introduced black and Asian models to the catwalk.

Director:Pierre Thoretton
Screenplay:Pierre Thoretton
Music:Côme Aguiar
Cinematography:Léo Hinstin
Editing:Dominique Auvray
Cast:Pierre Bergé