Half Moon

Half Moon · dir. Adina Istrate
Great Britain 2010, 13’


06/28, 13:00 · Baj Pomorski – hall B

06/30, 14:30 · Baj Pomorski – hall B


1969, Summer of the Space Race. Briefed on recent developments on the Russian side, Eugene McAlistair, NASA’s administrator is forced to take up a challenging mission: completing a 5 year plan to have people walk on the Moon in 2 weeks.

Director:Adina Istrate
Screenplay:Adina Istrate
Music:Enrica Sciandrone
Cinematography:Eui Jeong Hong
Editing:Giacomo Boeri
Cast:Aidan Bell, Ed Coleman, Shane Rimmer, Andrew Dowbiggin, Brooke Hender, Matthew Medhurst
Awards:Nagroda Publicznści za Najlepszy Film Krótkometrażowy – FF w Santa Cruz / Audience Award for the Best Narrative Short – Santa Cruz IFF (2011)

Adina Istrate before joining the LFS she have taken a one year course in filmmaking at the European Film College in Denmark. She always interested in visually challenging genres, her graduation short, The Storm, was a tribute to German Expressionism.