Bread For Bird

Hleb dlia ptici · dir. Aleksandra Strelyanaya
Russia 2010, 26’


06/27, 13:00 · Baj Pomorski – hall B

06/29, 19:30 · Baj Pomorski – hall B

A young woman’s journey into the past begins in a grey city with a death-defying leap off a strange industrial building. She continues her quest over fields and through thickets in a misty autumn landscape. She ends up in a house in a deserted village and finds an old woman waiting for her. The old woman’s tales focus on an individual’s destiny and suffering in the upheavals that shook Russia in the last century.

Director:Aleksandra Strelyanaya
Screenplay:Aleksandra Strelyanaya
Music:Aleksandr Laneev
Cinematography:Aleksandr Demyanenko
Editing:Aleksandra Strelyanaya
Awards:„Message To Man” – MFF / IFF St. Petersburg (2010)

Aleksandra Strelyanaya — she was born in Saint-Petersburg in 13.02.1978. In 2005 has graduated Saint-Petersburg University of Cinema and Television, department “Photography”. In 2007 at the same university graduated department “Director”.