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Tofifest is here to remind you that we are waiting for you and your films in Torun!

photo: Natalia Wieczorek

The 17th edition of Tofifest IFF is approaching fast. This is definitely the last chance for filmmakers to apply for becoming part of the festival programme, as it is for all cinema enthusiasts to take part in recruitment for volunteers, who will build our film family.

What are the essential characteristics of an employee of Tofifest? They need to have a passion for films, a tendency to set the bar up high, ambition, and a smile on their faces that never fades – even when things go awry. Our festival director Kafka Jaworska usually says that working at a festival is nothing short of an operation on a living organism. Join us to get to know the arcana of handling a cultural scalpel with surgical precision. Do not wait for the blissful summer holidays to come to an end, but contact us today! Should you have any possible doubts about whether you are the right person for the job, please remember this: Tofifest is a festival open to any and all, no exceptions. Apply before September 16. If you have questions you need to ask, write to Maria Ewa at: wolontariat@tofifest.pl.

We are just as open to films and there is virtually no film genre that we ignore. Let us remember though that it took Nicolaus Copernicus, the patron of our city, a little while to stop the Sun and move the Earth. It was a long process similar to the one Tofifest is going through right now, with its festival team working hard on selecting films for the programme by the sweat of their brows, in unbearable heat. We are watching the films with our faces filled with emotions and building up a programme we are going to share with you very soon. We need to make sure that our festival gives the audiences only the best of films. Therefore, Dear Film Directors, we insist on you to stop looking for excuses and fill in the application form, if you have not done it yet, as the deadline expires on August 31, 2019.

Our intention is to join forces to deliver the satisfaction and joy to our audiences, who can start purchasing their individual festival passes on September 20. This the starting date for selling festival tickets and passes. As for those of the viewers, who are additionally journalists by profession, you can apply for your media accreditation starting on September 15. We suggest you write this date down in your paper and digital calendars, although it would be best to share with your Siri or Google Assistant. Let them remember it for you.

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