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On Air. International Competition

On Air. International Competition is the main section of the festival. Every year this competition gathers some of the most important new films chosen from regular applications and selected from those screened at the most significant festivals in the world, including Rotterdam, Berlin, Cannes, as well as our partner festivals. The competition is puts directors’ first and second films ON AIR, literally and metaphorically. What all the films selected for the competition share is provoking with the freshness of image and spreading of intellectual ferment.

Shortcut. Short Film Competition

International Short Film Competition is a section whose charm lies in continual insufficiency. Short films are frequently the first step in careers of young talents; a breeding ground for film artists playing with their ideas and producing their little but significant works. Thus, this large section dedicated to little forms is going to include the best 27 short films from all over the world.

From Poland. Polish Competition

As in the horn of plenty, Polish Competition has gathered a lot of excellent films. Although most of them have already been presented in our cinemas, it is never enough of good cinema. This year’s competition comprises the presentation of 15 films and meetings with their authors, sometimes in unusual atmosphere. As usually, the audience is going to vote for their favourite Polish film and the winner is going to receive the Audience Award.


Every apprentice has a master and every master once used to be an apprentice having his own master. The story as old as the hills. Each year in this section the festival presents great figures of world cinema, showing the mastery of their artistic heritage, secrets of their development as filmmakers, its twists and crucial moments that changed the history of the 10th Muse.


The aim of Focus is to concentrate on a person, people, to reflect brilliance and timelessness of a young talent or talents. This section presents the most talented personalities of cinema, actors, actresses, directors, whose talent is recognized as outstanding on the international level.

National retrospectives

National Retrospectives are a mixture of artistic treat and a journey to unknown regions of the world and their culture. This section is one of the central and regular positions of the festival, showing new, undiscovered national cinemas, which triumph at international festivals. In Poland Tofifest is the first to discover them, as it was with the discovery of Turkish, Armenian, Austrian, Chinese, Swiss or Kosovar cinema and many more.


This section presents films which set or have set new trends in the art of filmmaking, which have influenced the present in a revolutionary way, which have broken tendentiousness and fixed frameworks with the very fact of their existence. Even if they have not been claimed cult films yet, they will.

Forum 2016/2017

If you found amber in the Baltic Sea or gold in the Wild West the other day, you were lucky. Today you are lucky if you find time for art, namely cinema. Thus, we are trying to help all the busy people to do their homework. This section presents over a dozen of the best films of the last season, which should be put by those busy people on their lists. There is going to be a contest for active members of the forum. More information soon.


Unconventional, creative section for children and youth. The programme of the only visionary film education in Poland was prepared in cooperation with the Sztuka Cię Szuka association from Toruń. Apart from films for youngsters, it also includes a series of stationary and travelling workshops.

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