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Mosquitera, La

Moskitiera · dir. Agustí Vila
Spain 2009, 95’


06/28, 17:15 · Kino Centrum


It is a dark comedy of absurd, in which the main characters believe that the only fearful thing is mosquitoes. When his parents experience a crisis in their relationship, their son, 15-year-old Luis reacts by refusing to speak and bringing stray cats and dogs into the house. The boy feels responsible for everything that lives. The number of animals grows on a daily basis, which becomes a serious hindrance in the life of this Catalonian family and forces them to undertake extraordinary steps... Geraldine Chaplin, who plays the autistic and mute Granny claims that she has never read a better screenplay.

La Mosquitera is a solid and well-woven story, set in intriguing times. It is both intelligent and witty. All dialogues are enriched with absurd events and situations.

Director:Agustí Vila
Screenplay:Agustí Vila
Music:Alfons Conde
Cinematography:Neus Ollé-Soronellas
Editing:Martí Roca
Cast:Emma Suárez, Geraldine Chaplin, Marcos Franz, Eduars Fernández, Martina García, Àlex Batllori
Awards:Najlepszy Film, Nagroda Don Kichota – MFF Karlove Vary / Best Film, Don Quijote Award – IFF in Karlovy Vary (2010)