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Through and Through

Na wylot · dir. Grzegorz Królikiewicz
Poland 1972, 70’


06/29, 19:30 · Kino Centrum

The Maliszowie couple had met in a shebeen, in the outskirts of Krakow, shortly before Jan lost his last job. From day one, their relationship was marked by poverty, humiliation and hopeless endeavours to find any work. Each individual episode of their lives is yet another step, leading to an inevitable disaster. The couple murders three elderly and defenceless people. They face trial with the burden of moral monsters, surrounded by omnipresent hatred.  When they testify, it turns into a confession that covers their entire life...

Director:Grzegorz Królikiewicz
Screenplay:Grzegorz Królikiewicz
Music:Henryk Kuźniak, Janusz Hajdun
Cinematography:Bogdan Dziworski
Editing:Zofia Dwornik
Cast:Franciszek Trzeciak, Anna Nieborowska, Lucyna Winnicka, Irena Ładosiówna, Jerzy Block, Halina Szram-Kijowska
Awards:Nagroda FIPRESCI i Nagroda Jury Ewangelickiego na Międzynarodowym Tygodniu Filmowym w Mannheim / The FIPRESCI Prize and the Ecumenical Film Prize at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Week (1973); Nagroda Josefa von Sternberga dla Grzegorza Królikiewicza / The Josef von Sternberg Prize awarded to Grzegorz Królikiewicz (1973)