Angèle et Tony

Angèle et Tony · dir. Alix Delaporte
France 2010, 87’


06/30, 22:30 · Open Space


The story takes places in a small fishing village in Normandy. The characters: Angèle — a young and brave woman with a “past” and Tony — a fisherman of brusque manners. Both of them are looking for love, without pretending to be somebody else, but also unable to open to the other person. However, once they have met, we witness a beautiful and subtle love story, told with monosyllables, shy gestures and revealing each subsequent layer of protection, rather than with emotional fireworks.

Director:Alix Delaporte
Screenplay:Alix Delaporte
Music:Mathieu Maestracci
Cinematography:Claire Mathon
Editing:Louise Decelle
Cast:Clotilde Hesme, Grégory Gadebois, Evelyne Didi, Antoine Couleau, Corine Marienneau