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Eloquent Silence

Beredtes Schweigen · dir. Julia Keller
Germany 2011, 26’


06/26, 17:15 · Kino Centrum

06/30, 12:00 · Kino Centrum

Marie is used to the drab monotony of everyday life on her parent’s farm. But it gets unbearable when Marie’s older sister Anne surprisingly turns up for the first time after three years. The lost daughter back for her mother’s birthday. Marie takes off her prettiest dress again and begins a wordless battle against her older sister. At the end, there is only enough room for one of the sisters.

Director:Julia Keller
Screenplay:Julia Keller
Music:Schweflgelb, Crystal Casltes
Cinematography:Janis Mazuch
Editing:Guido Krajewski
Cast:Monika Wegener, Alma Leiberg, Matthias Faust
Awards:Najlepszy Film (2 miejsce), Najlepsza Aktorka, Najlepsza Aktorka Drugoplanowa, Najlepsze Udźwiękowienie, Najlepsze Zdjęcia – MFF New Wave w Los Angeles (2011) / Best Film (2nd Place), Best Actress, Best supporting Actress, Best Sound Design, Best Cinematography – Los Angeles New Wave IFF (2011)

Julia Keller — she was Born in 1980 in Erding. Undergraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne since 2004.