Leave not a cloud behind

Leave not a cloud behind · dir. Pablo Gonzalez
France 2010, 7’


06/26, 17:15 · Kino Centrum

06/30, 12:00 · Kino Centrum


Christopher is in coma, he’s dreaming. He meets other dreamers who teach him how to control his dreams. He falls in love with Mariana who suddenly disappears.She suffers from insomnia, she can’t sleep to meet up with her lover again.

Director:Pablo Gonzalez
Screenplay:Pablo Gonzalez
Music:Andres Mesa, Sergio Villa
Cinematography:Carlos Vasquez
Editing:Pablo Gonzalez
Cast:Michael Schumacher, Lili Schackert, Martin Stange, Pia Zima
Awards:Nagroda „Coccotte Minute / Canal +” – Brest European Short FF / “Coccotte Minute / Canal +” Award – Brest European Short FF (2010)

Pablo González was born in Mexico but grew up in Colombia. He studied communication in Bogotá and Cinema at Université Paris 7 in France. His main topic of research was the representation of violence in Latin-American cinema.