In the Name of the Father

W imię ojca · dir. Jim Sheridan
Ireland, Great Britain 1993, 133’


06/29, 22:00 · Kino Centrum


Gerry Conlon grew up in Belfast, a place shaken by terrorist attacks, in the early 70s. Gerry was a petty thief, who spent most of his time in nearby pubs, much to his father Giuseppe’s discontent. When Gerry got into conflict with the IRA, his father sent him to England. There, Gerry was unfairly accused of taking part in a bomb attack that claimed lives of many people. After a brutal investigation, they both plead guilty, which results in sentencing them for many years in prison — despite the clear evidence of their innocence. When in prison, Gerry realizes that underneath the mask of weakness, his father Giuseppe hid his true inner strength and profound wisdom. It took Gerry many years to prove his innocence, clear his father's name and reveal the truth of one of the greatest mistakes in the history of the British judiciary system, thanks to the efforts of Ms Gareth Peirce, a vigorous barrister. The film was nominated for Oscars in seven categories.

Director:Jim Sheridan
Screenplay:Jim Sheridan, Terry George
Music:Phil Lynnot, Sinéad O\\\\\\\'Connor, Gavin Friday, Trevor Jones
Cinematography:Peter Biziou
Editing:Gerry Hambling
Cast:Emma Thompson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Pete Postlethwaite, Maureen McBride
Awards:Złoty Niedźwiedź – Najlepszy film – Berlinale / Golden Bear – Best Film – Berlinale (1994); Najlepszy altor pierwszoplanowy – BSFC / Best Leading Actor – BSFC (1993)