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In America

Nasza Ameryka · dir. Jim Sheridan
Ireland, Great Britain 2003, 105’


06/26, 12:15 · Kino Centrum


“In America” is an uplifting film about the strength of hope, faith and even magic, inspired by some autobiographical threads from the life of the author — Jim Sheridan. It is a story of an Irish family, who bravely face the hardships and adversities of life that so often affect the majority of New York emigrants. It is a story told from an interesting perspective, as the narrators here are Christy and Ariel — two enthusiastic and vigorous young girls. It is a story of memories, secrets, love, loss and starting anew. Before the parents (Johnny Paddy Considine and Sarah Samantha Morton) and their children take up the challenge and fulfil their dream of a new home, they will have to heal their emotional wounds and overcome grief, which they have been suffering from, after a painful loss. The film nominated for Oscars, in the following categories: Best Leading Actress (Samantha Morton), Best Supporting Actor (Dijmon Hounson) and Best Original Screenplay.

Director:Jim Sheridan
Screenplay:Jim Sheridan, Naomi Sheridan, Kirsten Sheridan
Music:Maurice Seezer, Gavin Friday
Cinematography:Declan Quinn
Editing:Naomi Geraghty
Cast:Djimon Hounsou, Samantha Morton, Paddy Considine, Sarah Bolger, Emma Bolger, Neal Jones
Awards:Złoty Laur, Nagroda im. Stanley\\\\\\\'a Kramera – Amerykańska Gildia Producentów Filmowych / Golden Laurel – Stanley Kramer Award – PGA (2004); Najlepszy aktor drugoplanowy, Najlepsze zdjęcia – Film Independent / Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography – Film Independent (2004); Złoty Satelita – Najlepszy dramat, Najlepszy reżyser, Najlepszy aktor drugoplanowy w dramacie – Satelity / Satellite Award – Best Drama, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama – Satellites (2004)