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Collectress, The

Kolekcionierė · dir. Kristina Buožytė
Lithuania 2008, 83’


06/25, 12:00 · Kino Centrum

06/27, 10:30 · Baj Pomorski – hall A


After unfortunate accident young woman Gailė notices that she’s unable to feel any of human emotions. One day preparing a video material for her job as child doctor she accidentally understands that at the small period of time when she’s watching herself on video monitor she can get her emotions back. All she needs is to put on video simulated situation designed for desirable emotional state (laugh, cry, anger and etc.). Attractive experiment with unattractive subsequences begins…

Director:Kristina Buožytė
Screenplay:Kristina Buožytė, Darius Gylys, Bruno Samper
Music:Titas Petrikis
Cinematography:Feliksas Abrukauskas
Editing:Eimantas Belickas, Paulius Zavadskis
Cast:Gabija Ryškuvienė, Marius Jampolskis, Darius Gumauskas, Valda Bičkutė, Darius Petkevičius, Valerijus Jevsejevas

Kristina Buožytė is a young Lithuanian director. She currently working on her second feature film, Vanishing Waves (Aurora). Buožytė‘s first feature, The Collectress, won the Lithuanian national cinema award "Silver Crane" as Best Lithuanian Feature in 2008 and the Best Director Award at the Russian Film Festival Kinoshock (2008) and participated in more than 30 international film festivals.