‘78 Days’ and ‘The Peasants’ are the winners of the 22nd edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region! The winner of the On Air Main Competition is ‘78 Days’ by Emilija Gašič, while ‘The Peasants’ by DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman triumphs in the From Poland competition. More »


Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary.

Cultural Exchange is a long-time project that aims at making audiences familiar with the work of the most prominent filmmakers from the countries of the Visegrád Group. Every year, this project discovers new ways of interpretation that they have used in their films, as well as enables the establishing of partnerships between various festivals.

The programme of this year’s Cultural Exchange Section will be just as exceptional, as its guests. Above all, we will have the opportunity to see Czech cinematography. The work of the great master of cinema, Jiri Menzel, has always been a must for all cinema adorers. His films are a true feast for the spirit, becoming an everlasting narration and an endless journey that can be interpreted in any way you wish.

As part of the programme, we will see a selection of Menzel's films, which will end with a masterclass, under the title: “Hrabal, my inspiration”.

Jiri Menzel will be a special guest of the festival and receive a Special Golden Angel.

The programme is going to present many more faces of Eastern Europe, one of which is exemplified by Soul at Peace, by Vladimir Balko. It is a surprising film, made as an Polish-Slovakian co-production, featuring a outstanding creation of Robert Więckiewicz — one of the best contemporary Polish actors. Robert Więckiewicz will be a special guest of the Tofifest Festival.

As part of this section, there will also be one-to-one meetings with the partner festivals of the Cultural Exchange Project that create a living platform of the Visegrád film cooperation, i.e. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Some of the invited guests include: representatives of the Slovak Film Institute, Brno 16 and the Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival.