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Every single year, REBELS is the section that our audience want to see the most. This section is a vessel for presenting extraordinary stories of people from all corners of the world. We give a voice to people, who captivate and impress us with their courage, character, and the challenges they face every day.

One of the topics that cinema adopts on a frequent basis is showing the fate of an individual set against social changes in their country. This provides a chance to get to know this person better, as we can also understand the context of the circumstances they live in. This very topic has lately become very popular with female directors of documentary films, who use it to show the impact of family, politics, or social class on the women in their films. During this year’s edition of the festival, we will take a closer look at those women – says the curator of the Rebels section, Artur Zaborski.

In ‘Bye Bye Tiberias’, you will have a chance to look at the life of Hiam Abbass, a star actress known from the TV series ‘Succession’, who had left her family in Palestine to chase her dreams.

In ‘Diaries from Lebanon’, Myriam El Hajj sheds a new light on the history of Lebanon that has remained unsaid to this day. It is a bold move, as it is likely that the film will never be screened in her home country.

In ‘The Mother of All Lies’, Asmae El Moudir points the camera at her own family. She uses the film to discover that local politics has made it impossible for each successive member of her family to advance in life.

In ‘Teaches of Peaches’, we follow the tour of the title artist Peaches, who has lived her life on her own terms, minding not what those critical of her actually think about her.

In ‘Forest’ by Lidia Duda, we will have a chance to take a peek at our own turf, seeing the fate of a Polish family struggling with a refugee crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus.

We invite you to see the films that will take you closer to the female characters they depict, but also help organise what we think we know about the places where they live.

Included in the section:

  1. Bye Bye Tiberias, dir. by Lina Soualem, France, Palestine, Belgium, Qatar 2023, 82’
  2. Teaches of Peaches, dir. by Philipp Fussenegger, Judy Landkammer, Germany, 2024, 102’
  3. Diaries from Lebanon, dir. by Myriam El Hajj, Liban, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, 2024, 110’
  4. The Mother of All Lies, dir. by Asmae El Moudir, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, 2023, 97’
  5. Forest, dir. by Lidia Duda, Poland, Czech Republic 2024, 84’

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