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DAG FABRIK · dir. Adam Tarnowski
Poland 2010, 40’

The story about a nazi factory DAG, one of the biggest centers of ammunition production at the East of The Third Reich during WWII. After the war there was built huge chemical production plant Zachem. Nowadays the factory DAG and everything what it remainds, is discovered for our contemporaries. It is said that there will be founded an unique museum.

Director:Adam Tarnowski
Cinematography:Daniel Łukasiak

Adam Tarnowski and Daniel Łukasiak are associated with a film team from Bydgoszcz, called BYDZIA TV. They are knowledgeable about recent cultural events and festivals and also producers of their reportages and films. Their latest work is a war movie about ‘The Bloody Sunday’ from September 1939.The story tells story of Helena Bembnista, who was the youngest Pole shot after the verdict of special German court in 1940, in retaliation for ‘The Bloody Sunday’.