Must See Must Be
The section Must See Must Bee is a summary of the films screened during the most important film festivals around the world which even the most knowledgeable film enthusiasts might have missed, when making an effort to digest the plethora of new film productions. More »

Polish artists are crossing the boundaries — both metaphorically, and literally. When working abroad, their contribute their unique style, talent, and personality, to international cinema. The section POLONICA is designed to present the most interesting films made by or with the participation of Polish male and female artists. More »

Tim Burton’s Peculiar Five
Peculiar, unconventional, unique, unlike any other artist in the world — you cannot confuse him with anybody else. The world of Tim Burton is one of immense and absolutely unique imagination, filled with various colours, and abundant in astonishing sounds and characters. This is a cinema you cannot tame or stop. Beautiful, lively, and absorbing. More »

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100 Solidarnych100 Solidarnych
100 Solidarnych
dir. Jarosław Marek Spychała, Aleksandra Panisko
Poland 2009, 19’
90 Years Has Gone90 Years Has Gone
90 lat minęło
dir. Anna Paprzycka
Poland 2008, 7’
Belly of the BeastBelly of the Beast
Belly of the Beast
dir. Monika Kuczyniecka
Poland 2010, 3’
Chopin’s SzafarniaChopin’s Szafarnia
Szafarnia Chopina
dir. Ryszard Kruk
Poland 2010, 15’
dir. Adam Tarnowski
Poland 2010, 40’
De Waltornian — IronworksDe Waltornian — Ironworks
De Waltornian — Huta
dir. Marcin Gładych
Poland 2010, 2’
dir. Mikołaj Walenczykowski
Poland 2008, 5’
Dlaczego Chińczycy mają skośne oczy?Dlaczego Chińczycy mają skośne oczy?
Dlaczego Chińczycy mają skośne oczy?
dir. Monika Kuczyniecka
Poland 2006, 2’
Fight, TheFight, The
dir. Adam Tarnowski
Poland 2010, 9’
dir. Kasia Jankowska, Celina i Piotr Skiba
Poland 2010, 12’
Golem, TheGolem, The
Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam
dir. Paul Wegener
Germany 1920, 91’
Jaś i MałgosiaJaś i Małgosia
Jaś i Małgosia
dir. Monika Kuczyniecka
Poland 2010, 1’
Kilka stopni niżejKilka stopni niżej
Kilka stopni niżej
dir. Mikołaj Walenczykowski
Poland 2007, 20’
dir. Dariusz Gackowski
Poland 2008, 3’
Odrobina starości Odrobina starości
Odrobina starości
dir. Marcin Gładych, Krystian Wieczyński
Poland 2010, 0’
Oldest Man In The World, TheOldest Man In The World, The
Najstarszy człowiek świata
dir. Krzysztof Nowicki
Poland 2007, 9’
dir. Mikołaj Walenczykowski
Poland 2009, 10’
Swimming Pool, TheSwimming Pool, The
dir. Krzysztof Nowicki
Poland 2010, 11’
Tadzik kładzie paneleTadzik kładzie panele
Tadzik kładzie panele
dir. Monika Kuczyniecka
Poland 2006, 1’
Trailer: Marian RoseTrailer: Marian Rose
Trailer: Marian Rose
dir. Next Level
Poland 2010, 0’
dir. Monika Kuczyniecka
Poland 2007, 9’
Ucieczka z wesołego miasteczkaUcieczka z wesołego miasteczka
Ucieczka z wesołego miasteczka
dir. Monika Kuczyniecka
Poland 2009, 3’
Under repairUnder repair
Do naprawy
dir. Dariusz Gackowski
Poland 2007, 10’
World Through Bars, TheWorld Through Bars, The
Świat zza krat
dir. Adam Tarnowski
Poland 2009, 24’