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90 Years Has Gone

90 lat minęło · dir. Anna Paprzycka
Poland 2008, 7’

I would like to say that there is no real love these words of character in short documentary of Anna Paprzycka are not the only surprise. It isn’t said by a disappointed teenager, but 90 years old lady in a nursing home. Paprzycka observes old people and listens to their stories about life, lost loves and fear of death.

Director:Anna Paprzycka

The team of young documentaries directors from Bydgoszcz — Darek Gackowski, Krzysztof Nowicki and Monika Paprzycka — seems as The Trinity, but is it true? Undeniably, they are great in independent cinema popularizating. Dariusz Gackowski is a photographer; as an independent artist he tries to make documentaries. His latest Marek — shown at many Polish festivals — tells the difficulties of blind person’s daily life. Krzysztof Nowicki is an author, known for frequent visitors of independent festivals because of Reggae Is My Life in 2008 — an unique documentary about reggae subculture in Ostróda.

Beyond the cinema and wide distribution of multiplexes, the independent film art is being propagated with emotion and passion – this is what members of ‘Koloroffon’ say about their art.