The Rebels
The section Rebels has been an inherent part of the Tofifest International Film Festival for quite a number of years now. This section emphasises the main theme of the festival, which is to introduce characters and personalities whose rebellious spirit, perseverance, or talent makes them stand out among the others, and change the course of history (the contemporary one included). This section’s main focus is to present women and heroines with their strength, perseverance, and relentless consistency, shown when striving to achieve equality and civil rights. During the upcoming edition of the festival, a total of seven unique films are going to be screened in this section, offering an insight into the stories of the selected female protagonists. In ‘Dream’s Gate’, film director Negin Ahmadi will take us for a very personal journey to show us how a few Kurdish female soldiers of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) fight for equality. It will mark the Polish première of the film, which was nominated for the Crystal Bear award at this year’s Berlinale Festival. Journalist Mariana Carbajal will take us to Salvador, to take a closer look at the fate of women suffering from the most ruthless anti-abortion laws that have ever been enforced in any country in the world. The hybrid film ‘My Name is Andrea’, which was screened during the Tribeca FF in New York, is a biopic about Andrea Dworkin, one of the most famous feminist, who had fought for civil rights, equality, and justice for women long before the #MeToo movement saw the light of day. The topic of women rights is also analysed in ‘Que sea ley / Let It Be Law’ by Juan Solanas, yet another documentary film made in South America (Argentina). The film depicts a historic event – a rebellion organised by Argentinian women to establish a legal and safe way to have a legal abortion in this country. We will also get acquainted with Monika Krause, a German and a private interpreter for Fidel Castro, who became a sex educator and earned the perverse nickname ‘Queen of Condoms’, during the turmoil of the Cuban Revolution. You will also have a chance to see why the Peace Film Prize was awarded to the film ‘Seven Winters in Tehran’, during Berlinale 2023. The film is a portrayal of Reyhaneh Jabbari, a nineteen-year-old interior decorator from Iran, who became a symbol of resistance and struggle for women’s rights. The last film included in the section is a story about Marin Alsop, an outstanding conductor, who has shown extraordinary relentlessness and determination to pursue her dream, overcoming countless obstacles, to become one of the greatest female conductors of all time. She has proven that the profession she chose is not reserved for men only. List of films: Dream’s Gate, dir. Negin Ahmadi, Iran, France, Norway 2023, 64' Judged Bodies, dir. Mariana Carbajal, El Salvador, Argentina 2022, 66' Let It Be Law, dir. Juan Solanas, France, Argentina, Uruguay 2019, 86' My Name Is Andrea, dir. Pratibha Parmar, USA 2022, 94' Queen of Condoms, dir. Silvana Ceschi, Reto Stamm, Switzerland, Ireland 2007, 76' Seven Winters In Tehran, dir. Steffi Niederzoll, Germany, France 2023, 97' The Conductor, dir. Bernadette Wegenstein, USA 2021, 90' More »

Emmet Brown, a visionary and scientist – this is the leading theme of the 21st edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region
We are travelling back in time to the 1980s. The New Adventure Cinema movement is having its triumphal march, while Robert Zemeckis is following the trail that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had set just a decade ago. And there was no mistake in it. We have some great news to share with all of you More »

A call for entries for 21st Tofifest. Kujawy Pomorze Region IFF is now officially announced
This year marks the 21th edition of the Tofifest. Kujawy Pomorze Region International Film Festival. Come to Toruń to spend the five days from 27th June to 2nd July 2023 and enjoy this celebration of cinema. More »

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SHORTCUTInternational Short Film Competition is a section whose charm lies in continual insufficiency. This year, apart from feature short films and animations, the competition is open for documentaries and experimental films as well. Short films are frequently the first step in careers of young talents; a breeding ground for film artists playing with their ideas and producing their little but significant works. Thus, this large section… More »

12 Years12 Years
12 Jahre
dir. Daniel Nocke
Germany 2010, 3’
April Chill, TheApril Chill, The
Aprilis Suskhi
dir. Tornike Bziava
Georgia 2010, 15’
dir. Miro Remo
Slovakia 2009, 23’
Astronaut On the Roof, TheAstronaut On the Roof, The
Astronaut On the Roof, The
dir. Sergi Portabella
Germany 2010, 12’
dir. Timur Ismailov
The Netherlands 2009, 27’
dir. Jenifer Malmqvist
Poland, Sweden 2010, 18’
dir. Gyorgy Kristof
Czech Republic 2009, 5’
dir. Wojciech Kasperski
Poland 2009, 34’
Cortége, TheCortége, The
El Cortejo
dir. Marina Seresesky
Spain 2009, 14’
Day When The Sky Broke, TheDay When The Sky Broke, The
Dzień, w którym pękło niebo
dir. Karol Białas
Poland 2009, 12’
Descent, TheDescent, The
dir. Shai Miedzinski
Israel 2010, 20’
Dog Hill, TheDog Hill, The
Marysina polana
dir. Grzegorz Zariczny
Poland 2010, 39’
Domino EffectDomino Effect
Efecto Domino
dir. Gabriel Gauchet
Cuba 2010, 27’
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark RoomDon’t Be Afraid of the Dark Room
Ciemnego pokoju nie trzeba się bać
dir. Kuba Czekaj
Poland 2009, 34’
Duck HuntingDuck Hunting
Lov na race
dir. Rok Biček
Slovenia 2009, 23’
dir. Rowland Jobson
United Kingdom 2009, 14’
dir. Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
Poland 2009, 27’
I Love My Boring LifeI Love My Boring Life
Mám ráda nudný život
dir. Jan Gogola
Czech Republic 2008, 26’
In ScaleIn Scale
V Masshtabe
dir. Marina Moshkova
Russia 2007, 8’
Indian SummerIndian Summer
Babie lato
dir. Maciej Cendrowski
Poland 2010, 11’
It’s me. HelmutIt’s me. Helmut
Ich bin’s. Helmut
dir. Nicolas Steiner
Germany, Switzerland 2009, 12’
Julie and her guysJulie and her guys
Julie et ses jules
dir. Fanny Jean-Noël
France 2009, 16’
Life BeginsLife Begins
La vie commence
dir. Émile Proulx-Cloutier
Canada 2009, 13’
Der Ampelman
dir. Giulio Ricciarelli
Germany 2009, 14’
dir. Felix Dufour-Laperriere
Canada 2009, 8’
dir. Michaela Müller
Croatia 2009, 8’
dir. Timothy S. Pfeffer, Peter Corina
USA 2009, 22’
Oli’s WeddingOli’s Wedding
Nunta Lui Oli
dir. Tudro Cristian Jurgiu
Romania 2009, 22’
Out in that Deep Blue SeaOut in that Deep Blue Sea
Pośród głębokiego, błękitnego oceanu
dir. Kazik Radwański
Canada 2009, 16’
Pigeon: ImpossiblePigeon: Impossible
Pigeon: Impossible
dir. Lucas Martell
USA 2009, 6’
Sauna TangoSauna Tango
Sauna Tango
dir. Vera Lalyko
Germany 2010, 4’
dir. Çagla Zencirci, Guillaume Giovanetti
France, Japan 2009, 28’
dir. Fernando Franco
Spain 2009, 13’
dir. Krisztina Esztergályos
Hungary 2009, 28’
Venus vs. MeVenus vs. Me
Venus vs. Me
dir. Nathalie Teirlinck
Belgium 2009, 27’