Ewa Wiśniewska to be awarded the Golden Angel for a Lady of Polish Cinema!
The Golden Angel Award for a Lady of Polish Cinema is presented at the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region to unique female artists with massive achievements in film and theatre. More »

The FLISAK (Raftsman) Award of the President of Toruń goes to Julian Świeżewski!
FLISAK is the oldest honorary award given at the Tofifest IFF. Kujawy Pomorze Region. It is always presented by the President of Toruń, and this year this privilege is handed over to President Paweł Gulewski. More »

Kamila Urzędowska to receive the Bella Woman Golden Angel for a European Actress
We present the BELLA WOMAN Golden Angel Award for a European Actress to those female artists, whose film work exemplifies temper and sensitivity. More »

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Sauna Tango

Sauna Tango · dir. Vera Lalyko
Germany 2010, 4’

In an old-fashioned steam bath several guests are medicated in different ways. According to passionate tango music a physiotherapist tries his best to relax his patients. Everyone seems to be highly pleased apart from the polish charlady.

Director:Vera Lalyko
Screenplay:Vera Lalyko
Music:Kai Struwe
Awards:Wysoka rekomendacja / Highly Recommended – Seal of Approval, German Board of Film Classification

Vera Lalyko urodziła się w 1973 w Holzminden. Ukończyła Academy of Media Arts w Kolonii w 2001 roku. Jest freelancerką, tworzy animacje.