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Der Ampelman · dir. Giulio Ricciarelli
Germany 2009, 14’

It’s a comedy. The story of a small-town police officer, who dreams of being a hero. As his peaceful village offers no opportunity for heroism, he decides to take matters in his own hands. He sets up a traffic light on a rarely used bridge in the middle of nowhere — and the fight begins...

Director:Giulio Ricciarelli
Screenplay:Soern Menning
Cinematography:Max Penzel
Editing:Wolfgang Weigel
Cast:Lisa Martinek, Sven Walser, Beat Marti, Johann von Bülow
Awards:Główna Nagroda / Main Prize – Golden Spike Award, Najlepszy Europejski Film Krótkometrażowy / Best European Short Film Prize (54. IFF Valladolid)

Giulio Ricciarelli (born in 1965) is a actor, writer/director based in Germany. His credits include Lights, Love it Like it Is, and Vincent, all of which have been screened at several international film festivals.