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World Through Bars, The

Świat zza krat · dir. Adam Tarnowski
Poland 2009, 24’

What is hidden behind the bars of the prison? How is the life there like? Surely, it is another world. But is it the same as its view in our imagination? This is the document about an unusual place and remarkable people, who get the next chance. About superiors, who believe in them since …no one should be perceived as unable to moral transformation. An interesting thing in the film is the soundtrack created by the prisoners’ band.

Director:Adam Tarnowski
Music:Paragraf 2009, Kevin McLeod
Cinematography:Daniel Łukasiak

Adam Tarnowski and Daniel Łukasiak are associated with a film team from Bydgoszcz, called BYDZIA TV. They are knowledgeable about recent cultural events and festivals and also producers of their reportages and films. Their latest work is a war movie about ‘The Bloody Sunday’ from September 1939.The story tells story of Helena Bembnista, who was the youngest Pole shot after the verdict of special German court in 1940, in retaliation for ‘The Bloody Sunday’.