Martyna Wojciechowska to receive the Golden Angel for Artistic Insolence at the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region.
During this year’s Closing Ceremony, the award for artistic insolence is going to be given to Martyna Wojciechowska: a journalist, traveller, social activist, author of documentary films and numerous books. More »

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Women In Love

Zakochane kobiety · dir. Ken Russell
United Kingdom 1969, 131’

The battle of the sexes and relationships among the elite of Britian's industrial Midlands in the 1920s. Gerald Crich and Rupert Berkin are best friends who fall in love with a pair of sisters Gudrun, a sculptress and Ursula Brangwen, a schoolteacher. Rupert marries Ursula, Gerald begins a love affair with Gudrun, and the foursome embarks upon a Swiss honeymoon. But the relationships take markedly different directions, as Russell explores the nature of commitment and love. Will Rupert and Ursula learn to give themselves to each other? Why the more withdrawn Gerald cannot, finally, connect with the demanding and challenging Gudrun?

Director:Ken Russell
Screenplay:Larry Kramer
Music:Georges Delerue
Cinematography:Billy Williams
Editing:Michael Bradsell
Cast:Oliver Reed, Alan Bates, Glenda Jackson
Awards:Najlepsza Pierwszoplanowa Rola Kobieca / Best Actress in a Leading Role (Oscary / Oscars 1971), Najlepszy Anglojęzyczny Film Zagraniczny / Best English-Language Foreign Film (Złoty Glob / Golden Globe 1971)