Castle Cinema
Let us take you back to the 1980s, amidst the unique scenery of the ruins of the Teutonic Castle, when some of the legendary horror films, now considered ‘cult classics’ were made. Although many of them were remade – some even saw many sequels made to continue the original idea – our intention is to show you the archetypes of the characters that have forever gone down in the history of this particular genre. The genre that is adored by so many devoted cinema goers. More »

Must See Must Be
The section Must See Must Bee is a summary of the films screened during the most important film festivals around the world which even the most knowledgeable film enthusiasts might have missed, when making an effort to digest the plethora of new film productions. More »

The Rebels
The section Rebels has been an inherent part of the Tofifest International Film Festival for quite a number of years now. This section emphasises the main theme of the festival, which is to introduce characters and personalities whose rebellious spirit, perseverance, or talent makes them stand out among the others, and change the course of history (the contemporary one included). More »

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Blind Chance, A

Przypadek · dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski
Poland 1981, 122’

The film shows three different, dependent on a blind chance, life scenarios of one man, Witek Długosz (Bogusław Linda). In the first sequence Witek struggles not to be late for the train to Warsaw, upon which his further story depends. If he is on time, on the train he will meet an old communist canvasser who is going to convince him to support the government. If he runs into a railway security officer, not only will he be late, but he will also get punished which will induce him to join the political opposition. In the third version, on the platform he meets a girl that he knows. It will result in the wedding and his decision to make an apolitical career as a scientist. All three versions end at the Okęcie airport where Witek is going to fly abroad...

Director:Krzysztof Kieślowski
Screenplay:Krzysztof Kieślowski
Music:Wojciech Kilar
Cinematography:Krzysztof Pakulski
Editing:Elżbieta Kurkowska
Cast:Bogusław Linda, Tadeusz Łomnicki, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Marzena Trybała, Adam Ferency, Bogusława Pawelec