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Film Unfinished, A

Shtikat Haarchion, Geheimsache Ghettofilm · dir. Yael Hersonski
Germany, Israel 2009, 88’

Document. The director Yael Hersonski decided to investigate the circumstances of making a film, that Reich Central Propaganda Office  made in May of 1942 in the Warsaw ghetto. Meticulous analysis of tapes, archives and notes showed that the documentary was just another mistification of the Nazi propaganda and ‘normal’ life had been arranged from the very beginning under the watchful eye of the SS men. The film consists of memories and comments of survivors, pieces of the infamous film, silhouettes of German cameramen caught in the picture and petrified looks of filmed inhabitants of the ghetto. Nuances captured by the director move the film into the universal level and make the viewer reflect on the nature and conditions of every archive record.

Director:Yael Hersonski
Screenplay:Yael Hersonski
Music:Yishai Adar
Cinematography:Itai Ne’eman
Editing:Joel Alexis
Awards:Najlepszy Montaż Zagranicznego Filmu Dokumentalnego / Best World Cinema Editing Award (Sundance 2010)