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Dawid Janicki

Link between the Karakoram and the Alps, The ― behind-the-scenes footage of making “Broad Peak”

26 October, 11:00 · Kino Centrum

Free entry

We would like to invite to the premier screening of a teaser for Broad Peak, a film dedicated to the legendary ascent of Maciej Berbeka to the peak of one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. The teaser also includes some making-of material shot in the Karakoram, the Alps, and in Zakopane.

Broad Peak directed by Leszek Dawid ― the author of the widely applauded You Are God ― is a dramatic story about Maciej Berbeka, a legendary Polish Himalayan mountaineer. In the film, we see the first ever winter ascent to the top of Broad Peak, from the inside and from the perspective of Maciej Berbeka ― the ascent was attempted by a Polish team, in 2013. The film is dedicated to a beautiful but destructive passion, and to extreme determination that push people to perilous limits. It is also an emotional story about great but at the same complex love that brought Maciej and Ewa Berbeka to each other.

Broad Peak is a project conceived and produced by East Studio, the first ever Polish feature film dedicated to this particular subject. In an effort to confront the viewers with the might of the highest mountains in the world, the film crew from East Studio travelled to the Karakoram. Some of the footage was shot at the base camp at the foot of K2, and on a face of Broad Peak, at the height of over 5,000m above the sea level.

The main protagonist is played by Ireneusz Czop, Maja Ostaszewska portrays Ewa, the wife of Maciej Berbeka, while the role of Krzysztof Wielicki, leader of the expedition, is played by Łukasz Simlat. Adam Bielecki is portrayed by Dawid Ogrodnik, Maciej Raniszewski portrays Tomek Kowalski, and Maciej Kulig plays Artur Małek.

2019 Programme

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