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Hot and Cold

There is a number of subjects that tend to recirculate in public debate, but one that seems to be attracting the most publicity today is climate change and the problems it creates. Everybody is talking about it, we sort of know something about it, but we are still far from realising the simple truth: all of us still live from day to day, concentrate on the here and now, with no thought for what happens “after.” This is something for the next generations to worry about...

The Hot and Cold section has been created for the purpose of drawing attention to global nature and climate phenomena, which have an impact on all of us, because they are instrumental in determining how we feel, what we eat, and what air we breathe. The combination of the mentioned factors will decide, whether we can survive as mankind. In their documentaries, filmmakers try not only to portray the beauty of our planet, but also to highlight the ways in which people contribute to its destruction. Is it already too late to stop the changes?

The name of the section is a reference to the famous Hot and Cold game, which the older generation surely remembers well. Being aware of the catastrophic consequences, which global warming entails, we would prefer the cold to win, quite contrary to the preferred outcome of the game, so that nature can continue unchanged for as long as possible.

2019 Programme

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