New Finnish Cinema
A breath of fresh air with a tint of a sense of humour far from being trivial, mixed with a bit of sadness and grotesque: these are the ingredients that define Finnish Cinema and make it unique. This is a fitting description for both old classics and latest productions that come from Finland. More »

Must See Must Be
The section Must See Must Bee is a summary of the films screened during the most important film festivals around the world which even the most knowledgeable film enthusiasts might have missed, when making an effort to digest the plethora of new film productions. More »

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Divided We Fall

Musíme si pomáhat · dir. Jan Hřebejk
Czech Republic, Germany 2000, 123’

During World War II, when Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia, a childless couple, Josef and Marie Cizek, could only watch while the Jewish Wieners family was removed from their own home. Later, young David Wiener, has managed to escape and make it to the Cizeks. Although fully aware of the extreme danger of harbouring a Jew in the Third Reich, the Cizek’s can not permit themselves to leave David to certain death and agree to hide him. However, this decision leads to terrible danger of discovery…

Director:Jan Hřebejk
Screenplay:Jan Hřebejk, Petr Jarchovský
Music:Aleš Březina
Cinematography:Jan Malíř
Editing:Vladimir Barak
Cast:Boleslav Polivka, Anna Siskova, Jaroslav Dusek, Jiri Pecha, Csongor Kassai
Awards:Najlepszy Film / Best Feature Film (Czeska Nagroda Krytyków / Czech Critics Award 2001), Najlepszy Film, Najlepszy Scenariusz, Najlepsza Reżyseria, Najlepszy Aktor, Najlepsza Aktorka / Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress (Czeskie Lwy / Czech Lions 2001), Najpopularniejszy Film / Most Popular Film (Vancouver IFF 2001), Nagroda Publiczności / Audience Award (Portland IFF)