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Escape from the ‘Liberty’ Cinema

Ucieczka z kina Wolność · dir. Wojciech Marczewski
Poland 1990, 87’

The most important Polish movie made at the turn of 80s. Set just before Poland’s communist regime came to an end, and the central character is a provincial censor, a tired, sloppy and lonely man. For him, censorship is both an art and a game, but he does not enjoy it. During the screening of a sentimental Polish melodrama called Daybreak at the ‘Liberty’ cinema across the road from the censor’s office, the actors start to rebel on a screen and refuse to speak their lines…

Director:Wojciech Marczewski
Screenplay:Wojciech Marczewski
Music:Zygmunt Konieczny
Cinematography:Paweł Edelman
Editing:Elżbieta Kurkowska
Cast:Janusz Gajos, Piotr Fronczewski, Artur Żmijewski, Zbigniew Zamachowski
Awards:Najlepszy Film / Best Movie, Najlepszy Aktor / Best Actor (Złote Lwy, Gdynia 1990 / Golden Lions at Gdynia 1990)