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Time We Live, The

Čas, Ktory Žijeme · dir. Vladimír Kubenko
Czechoslovakia 1968, 65’

This film covers the first few months of 1968. At that time, nothing was clear yet but everyone knew: life had to change. It was impossible to go on tolerating the injustice towards the farmers, to keep exploiting the workers in the name of the working class, to lie about economic growth when there was none, to keep silent about the drama of the persecution of the intelligentsia, to cover up the cruel facts about the executions of innocent people, to hold back the truth about the unfair treatment of the issue of Czecho-Slovak relations. Slovak documentary filmmaker made authentic and complex portraits of the desires, expectations, and hopes of people who found themselves at the threshold of what was to become the ‘Prague Spring’.

Director:Vladimír Kubenko
Screenplay:Vladimír Kubenko, Ladislav Kudelka, Otakar Krivsnrk, Jaroslav Pogran, Ivan Húšťava
Cinematography:Pavel Cilek, Leopold Bródy, Rudolf Ferko, Alexander Strelinger