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Beats of Freedom

Beats of Freedom – Zew wolności · dir. Leszek Gnoiński, Wojciech Słota
Poland 2009, 75’


Beats of Freedom is a inspiring movie about beginnings of rock music in Poland. In times, when Communism system had controlled everything, music became the unpredictable phenomenon. The Iron Curtain couldn’t stop it and, what’s more, young people finally found their own space of freedom. This music used to be opposed to the reality, songs were breaking stereotypes and making people more connected to each other. Jarocin Festival became an enclave of freedom ― unpublished archival materials added to Beats of Freedom shows this event as colorful as it really was.

Director:Leszek Gnoiński, Wojciech Słota
Screenplay:Leszek Gnoiński, Wojciech Słota
Cinematography:Leszek Gnoiński, Wojciech Słota
Editing:Wojciech Słota
Cast:Marek Niedźwiecki, Krzysztof Skiba, Jurek Owsiak, Kazik, Muniek Staszczyk, Kora, Tomasz Lipiński