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Tim Burton’s Peculiar Five
Peculiar, unconventional, unique, unlike any other artist in the world — you cannot confuse him with anybody else. The world of Tim Burton is one of immense and absolutely unique imagination, filled with various colours, and abundant in astonishing sounds and characters. This is a cinema you cannot tame or stop. Beautiful, lively, and absorbing. More »

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Świnki · dir. Robert Gliński
Poland, Germany 2009, 93’


Only a river separates a small Polish border town from Germany. The local teenagers, are wide-eyed at their neighbours’ standard of living. Tomek is a good student, he’s interested in astronomy and plays football to please his father. Except that he lives in a little border town plagued by unemployment and poverty, whereas, on the other side of the river, lies Germany with all its relative affluence. When Tomek meets Marta at his first disco and falls in love with her, he starts to think up ways of earning money in order to keep her interested. After attempts to make some cash smuggling dogs, he approaches the pimp Borys who finds local boys for his German clients. Tomek has no idea of the brutal fate which awaits him...

Director:Robert Gliński
Screenplay:Robert Gliński, Joanna Didik
Music:Cornelius Renz
Cinematography:Petro Aleksowski
Editing:Krzysztof Szpetmański
Cast:Filip Garbacz, Anna Kulej, Daniel Furmanik, Rolf Hoppe, Dorota Wierzbicka, Bogdan Koca, Tomasz Syndyk
Awards:Złote Lwy – Najlepszy Debiut Aktorski – Filip Garbacz / Gulden Lions – Best Debut – Filip Garbacz (FPFF Gdynia 2009); Nagroda Specjalna Jury / Special Jury Prize (Europejski Festiwal Filmowy / The European Film Festival, Les Arcs 2009)

Robert Gliński — born in 1952. Director, scriptwriter, and academic teacher. Graduated from the Łódź Film School. Laureate of numerous awards at Polish and international film festivals. Since 2002, a lecturer atthe Directing Department of Łódź Film School, since September 2008, its rector.

Filmography (selected)

  • 1983: Niedzielne igraszki  / Sunday Pranks
  • 1985: Rośliny trujące / Poisonous Plants
  • 1988: Łabędzi śpiew / Swan Song
  • 1992: Wszystko, co najważniejsze / All That Really Matters
  • 1997: Kochaj I rób co chcesz / Love Me and Do Whatever you Want
  • 2001: Cześć, Tereska / Hi, Tereska
  • 2005: Wróżby kumaka / The Call of the Toad
  • 2007: Benek
  • 2009: Świnki / Piggies