Submission of films for the 22nd edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region officially begins
We start accepting submissions for two competitions included in the 22nd edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region. The deadline for sending filled-in submission forms is 15th May. This year’s edition of the festival will take place from 25th June to 30th June, 2024, in Torun. More »

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To the Sea

Alamar · dir. Pedro González-Rubio
Mexico 2009, 73’
Polish premiere

To the Sea is a debut of the Mexican director Pedro González–Rubio in the feature film genre. The film is regarded as one of the most interesting Mexican movies of 2009. The movie cannot be classified explicitly as it blurs the line between feature and documentary film. It is a kind of a movie essay of an exceptionally pure and simple expression devoid of cheap sentimentalism. The movie resembles a kind of ethnographic album, filled with superb photographs presenting the unique ecosystem of Banco Chinchorro — a Mexican region enlisted on the World Heritage List — which is a habitat of many unique plant and animal species and the seat of the second biggest coral reef in the world.

The movie is not only a story about relations between people and nature but also a memorable tale about a father’s role and the meaning of fatherhood. The process of forming a delicate but strong bond between 5-year old Natan and Jorge, his father, helps the viewer understand the potential that is hidden in a conscious and mature fatherhood.

Director:Pedro González-Rubio
Screenplay:Pedro González-Rubio
Cinematography:Pedro González-Rubio
Editing:Pedro González-Rubio
Cast:Jorge Machado, Roberta Palombini, Natan Machado Palombini, Nestor Marin „Matraca”
Awards:Tiger Award (MFF / IFF Rotterdam 2009); Nagroda Jury / Jury Award (MFF / IFF Miami)

Pedro González-Rubio — Mexican writer, director, operator and editor; born in Brussels. He became interested in films and visual arts at the age of 16, when he was living in New Delhi. He studied at a faculty of media in Mexico and then moved onto the London Film School. He worked as a cameraman at Born Without (2007) directed by Eva Noryind. He made his debut as a director with Toro Negro (2005). To the Sea is his first feature film.


  • 2005: Toro Negro
  • 2007: Common Ground
  • 2009: Nad morzem / On the Sea