Submission of films for the 22nd edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region officially begins
We start accepting submissions for two competitions included in the 22nd edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region. The deadline for sending filled-in submission forms is 15th May. This year’s edition of the festival will take place from 25th June to 30th June, 2024, in Torun. More »

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Zwycięzca · dir. Marco Bellocchio
France, Italy 2009, 128’

There is a secret in the life of Mussolini: a wife — Ida Dalser and a son, Benito Albino, who was born, acknowledged and then denied. It is a dark page in history, one ignored in the official biography of the Duce. When Ida meets Mussolini in Milan, he is the editor of ‘Avanti!’ and an ardent Socialist. Ida truly believes in him and his ideas. In order to finance ‘Il Popolo d'Italia’, a newspaper he has founded and the nucleus of the forthcoming Fascist Party, Ida sells everything she has. When WWI erupts, Benito Mussolini enrolls in the Army and disappears. When Ida finds him again in a military hospital, he is tended to by Rachele whom he has just married…

Director:Marco Bellocchio
Screenplay:Marco Bellocchio, Daniela Ceselli
Music:Riccardo Giagni
Cinematography:Daniele Cipri
Editing:Francesca Calvelli
Cast:Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Fabrizio Costella, Michela Cescon, Fausto Russo Alesi
Awards:Najlepsza Aktorka, Best Actress, Najlepsze Zdjęcia / Best Cinematography, Nagroda Specjalna „Stampa Estera” / Special Award ‘Stampa Estera’ (Złote Globy / Golden Globe 2009); Najlepszy Aktor / Best Actor (Basta Italian Film Festival 2010)