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Man Who Loved Women, The

L’Homme qui aimait les femmes · dir. François Truffaut
France 1977, 120’


24 October, 20:30 · Od Nowa – large hall

The plot starts with a funeral for a man, which is attended exclusively by women. Bertrand Moranes was a great admirer of women, who was particularly fascinated with their legs. And this is exactly this part of the anatomy of the women who came to the ceremony to which the camera is paying the most attention. This is an ironic comedy about a modern Casanova, whose admiration for women leads to a tragedy. Moranes is en expert in the art of seducing. He is very popular with women, but he cannot find the one and only true love. It all changes the day he has decided to publish his autobiography. A woman working in the publishing company seems to be increasingly interested in his life...

Director:François Truffaut
Screenplay:François Truffaut, Suzanne Schiffman, Michel Fermaud
Music:Maurice Jaubert
Cinematography:Néstor Almendros
Editing:Martine Barraqué
Cast:Leslie Caron, Geneviève Fontanel, Nathalie Baye, Brigitte Fossey, Jean Dasté

2014 Programme

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