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Paper Chase and other Party Games

Exhibition of photographs by Bogdan Dziworski

“It sometimes possible to take a picture worth a thousand words, as somebody has once put it,” as Bogdan Dziworski told me in one of the interviews.

The exhibition of Bogdan Dziworski’s photographs will be a perfect opportunity to see the photographs of which every single one is worth a thousand words. The Podchody i inne gry towarzyskie (Paper Chase and other Social Games) exhibition will show the most famous photographs that have already become part of the history of Polish photography, but also those that have been discovered in the rich archives of the artist, by a Polish representative of Leica.

The topic of the exhibition is man and woman relationship, their nuances and subtleties, the first affections and advances, captured by the exceptionally sensitive eye of the photographer, as well as observing simple behaviours of ordinary men, the essence of masculinity and femininity, and the world of emotions that Bogdan Dziworski kind of rediscovers for the audience. These are emotions translated into a simple language that everybody will understand. These photographs are a mandatory lesson in photography with an outstanding teacher. The exhibition is the effect of the cooperation between the Author and Leica Gallery Warszawa (that is in charge of the Bogdan Dziworski's photographic archive).

Bogdan Dziworski is referred to as the “Polish carter-Bresson”. In an introduction to the 1/250 album, Tadeusz Konwicki had this to say about his photographs: „At first glance, they give you the impression of being purely photojournalistic. They are devoid of the desire to be aesthetic, those painting moods, and that annoying artistry that lurks inside a camera. They are often even brutal. However, after a while I am dazzled and see the moral, the message, and the peculiarity of the observed moment in our lives. And it is just as with a poem, I take delight in the metaphor, the hyperbole, or the poetic symbol hidden in the dullness of our every-day existence.” The first half of 2015 will see the publishing of a photo album by Bogdan Dziworski, by Leica Gallery Warszawa.

Opening of the exhibition

2014 Programme

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