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I won’t come back

Ya ne vernus · dir. Ilmar Raag
Finland, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan 2014, 110’


22 October, 16:00 · Kino Centrum

Ania Morozova, an ambitious woman brought up in a children’s home, is given a chance to do something in life, quite contrary to her experiences to date and her life that has never been a bed of roses. She completes her studies with a distinction and starts working at a university. However, what she finds particularly difficult it to establish personal relations with the people around her, especially with men. She starts a hopeless love affair with a married academic teacher at the university. It gets even worse with her acquaintance with Dima, a friend from the children's home, who is still not out of the woods, quite unlike her. Dima makes a living by selling drugs and Ania has become his receiver, which she does not realise. Things get far too risky, when the police start to take an interest in the girl. Although Ania manages to slip through their fingers, she now must go into hiding and live from day to day. She still looks like a teenage girl, which helps her hide inside a children's home. While there, she meets Cristina, and both girls start a long hitch-hiking journey through the vast territory of Russia. I won’t come back is a story about searching for a true friendship and mutual acceptance in a world that is not ready for such things.

Director:Ilmar Raag
Screenplay:Yaroslava Pulinovich
Music:Panu Aaltio
Cinematography:Tuomo Hutri
Editing:Tambet Tasuja
Cast:Polina Pushkaruk, Vika Lobacheva, Andrey Astrakhantsev, Sergey Yatsenyuk, Galina Mochalova

2014 Programme

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