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Jury of 2020 On Air Competion

Agnieszka Glińska

She was born in Warsaw, in 1975. She is a film editor and member of the Polish Film Editors Society and the Polish Film Academy. She has graduated from the culture studies (specialisation: film) at the University of Lodz and film editing at the Lodz Film School. Her artistic work has brought her numerous awards, for example at Krakow FF (Dom na głowie, 2014), Gdynia Film Festival (Intruz and 11 minutes, 2015), and also from the Polish Film Academy (Eagle Polish Film Award for the film 11 minutes, 2016). In 2020, as many as three film productions she edited hit cinemas: Marygoround (directed by Daria Woszek), I Never Cry (directed by Piotr Domalewski) and Sweat (directed by Magnus van Horn).

Anna Kazejak

She is a film director and screenwriter. She initially started film studies at the University of Silesia and the University of Lodz, but then, in 2001, changed her mind and got enrolled at the Film and TV Direction Department of the Lodz Film School. In 2005, she and a two of her friends from the university (M. Migas and J. Komasa) made their début with the full-length film Ode to Joy. Her professional portfolio also includes her individual feature début, i.e. Flying Pigs, which was very well received by the audiences, and a number of TV series, which includes a Polish version of the HBO series Bez tajemnic. Her latest film is the Polish-Danish co-production The Word. She has worked as an expert for the Polish Film Institute, for many years. She is also a member of the European Film Academy, the Directors Guild of Poland, and the Polish Filmmakers Association.

Aga Smoczyńska

She is a graduate of the Film and TV Direction Department at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia, Wajda School, and culture studies at the University of Wrocław. She was granted a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for outstanding artistic achievements. She is a winner of the programme “Mój Talent dla Polski” (My Talent for Poland), and received the Golden Pen Award granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. She has directed many award-winning film productions, such as Aria Diva, 3 love and The Hat, and two full-length films: The Lure (2015) and Fugue (2018), both of which were well received by audiences and film critics.

Janusz Chabior

He is a highly valued and popular actor, known for his roles in film, television, and theatre. He started his professional career at the Drama Theatre in Legnica, in 1991, and also performed on stage of The Modjeska Theatre in Legnica, until 2006. In the years 2006–2013, he was part of the acting team at Teatr Rozmaitości (Variety Theatre) in Warsaw. He is currently working for Garnizon Sztuki theatre and 6th Floor Theatre. He is also an author and director of many stage productions addressed to children and youth. He has won recognition of the film community and audiences by playing in such film production as Kołysanka by Juliusz Machulski or Secret Wars, in the multi award-winning short film The Dogcatcher by Daria Woszek, in Symmetry and Hardkor Disco, Blinded by The Light, in the TV series Pod powierzchnią by Borys Lankosz, or in the film Czarny młyn by Mariusz Palej.

Piotr Witkowski

He is one of the most talented actors of the young generation. He is a graduate of the Lodz Film School. He has been part of the acting team of Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk, since 2012. He is recognised for his roles in the TV series Ślad, among others. He was played in the following film productions: Supermarket, Walesa. Man of Hope, Warsaw 44, The Butler, Diablo. Wyścig o wszystko, Squadron 303, or Solid gold. His role in the film Proceder has brought him a special mention at the Tarnow Film Award festival. He has also played in a number of films, which are still waiting for their premieres, for example Krime story. Love story, directed by Michał Węgrzyn, The Champion, directed by Maciej Barczewski, and The end, directed by Tomasz Mendes.

Wydarzenie współfinansowane w ramach projektu:
„Kujawsko-Pomorskie – rozwój poprzez kulturę 2020”

Wydarzenie jest współfinansowane ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Kujawsko-Pomorskiego na lata 2014–2020

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