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“Go Upstream” – rebellious concert of film music on Tofifest

It will be a holiday of young generation’s Polish film music. The legend of Polish punk – Dezerter, scenic dynamite – Dick4Dick, club Mosquito and the best Polish freestyle artist – O.S.T.R. will play on a big outdoor concert of TOFIFEST Festival “Go Upstream”, June 30. They will perform songs from such young and rebellious Polish films as Moja Krew”, “Galerianki”, “Dom zły” or “Wszystko, co kocham”. It is the first this type concert in Poland.

Since many years, music of Polish bands has illustrated or even has cooperated in creating movies of promising young artists. This kind of music plays in the hearts of young Poles. This is unsurprisingly reason why it also plays in the hearts of viewers Polish film debuts. “Moja krew” by Marcin Wrona won the award of this year’s Film Festival in Gdynia, and “Galerianki” by Katarzyna Rosłaniec [She will be a guest of Tofifest this year] is already a legend. “Beats of Freedom” created by Leszek Gnoiński and Wojciech Słota duo or Jacek Borcuch’s “Wszystko co kocham” are one of the most interesting films created in Poland in recent years, where music is  fully-fledged actor.

Songs from these certain movies played by Mosquito, Dick4Dick, Dezerter and by hip-hop artist O.S.T.R. will create program of the concert, which will start in the evening, on Old Town Square in Toruń, June 30 The concert is an open project , so the access is completely free.

Who are the main artists of the evening? Mosquito is one of best dance-club groups in Poland. Group recorded two great albums – “Mosquito Music” (2005) and “Black Electro” (2007). The band won also distinction on the Debuts Concert on Opole Festival. During concert in Toruń Mosquito will play among others songs from “Galerianki” [“I Feel You”].

Dick4Dick is a scenic dynamite and absolute madness. It came into being in 2004 in Gdansk and began as a performance project. After some time it turned into one of the most popular Polish music bands. Members of the group appeared in the Marcin Wrona’s film – “Moja Krew”. Songs from that film debut will be played at concert in Toruń, next to Dick4Dick’s other biggest hits.

Other two formations are true icons of Polish music. O.S.T.R. or Ostry are pseudonyms of Adam Ostrowski, truly Renaissance man – music producer, composer, violinist and rapper. He began to play when he was 12. He is known as the best freestyle artist in Poland. Ostry is a multiple laureate of gold and platinum album; he won twice the prize of Polish phonographic industry – Fryderyk. Year 2010 he began with eleventh album titled “Tylko dla dorosłych”. O.S.T.R. has also very interesting film episodes. His songs were adornment of soundtracks for films such as “Z odzysku” by Sławomir Fabicki (2006) and “Aleja Gówniarzy” by Peter Szczepanski (2007). On concert in Toruń we will hear, inter alia, plenty of songs from the Galerianki” soundtrack [“Sam To Nazwij”, “Jedna Chwila”, “Mówiłaś Mi”, “Instynkt”].

The brightest star of the evening will be a legend of Polish punk-rock – Dezerter. The band came into being in 1981 in Warsaw under the name SS-20, which shut them the way to gigs. As Dezerter, they recorded the famous “Four” for Tonpress “Towards the Future” (“Ku przyszłości”, “Spytaj milicjanta”, “Szara rzeczywistość”, “Wojna głupców”). In 1987 the band released two albums. The first was “Underground Out Of Poland” released in the United States. The next album “Collaboration” was the first big album in Poland; unfortunately it was censored. Consecutive years brought 10 albums, hundreds of concerts in Poland and abroad (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA) and the position of one of the most important Polish independent bands. Dezerter has been present in films since years. First time it appears in “Jarocin’82” and “To tylko Rock” directed by Paweł Karpiński which expresses the spirit of Polish music boom of the 80s. Later the band became the hero of Paweł Konnak’s film “Dezerter – nie ma zagrożenia”. Music played by Dezerter appeared, inter alia, in films “Poniedziałek”, “Dom zły”, “Wszystko, co kocham”, and also on the soundtrack for “Beats Of Freedom”. Currently the band is working on a new album which will be released in autumn.

”Go Upstream” concert starts at 9.00 PM, June 30, in the heart of Old Town.


What is worth of notice, this is not the end of music and film accents on Tofifest. In main festival club – Enerde, will take place all week-long club music fiesta and the band ENERDE LOVES TOFIFEST. Everyday concerts from dusk till dawn, in which invited for festival actors, actresses and directors take part with joy. Last year the club concerts were visited by Borys Szyc, Rafał Mohr, Maria Seweryn, Jan Nowicki and many others. In this year in Enerde will play, inter alia, Daniel Bloom – co-creator of music for Jack Borcuch’s films and founder of “Physical Love” group (in private – grad of archeology at Nicolas Copernicus University in Torń). There will also be show of Big Fat Mama – crew of seven young musicians, masters of club sounds, who are crazy about “a little different sound”. There will be also chance to see and hear DJ Ike, Gribojedow, Rastamaniek, Kaceezet, Feel Like Jumping, DJ Eprom, DJ 100Dobry i DJ Jotamhehe. More details at: http://myspace.com/enerde.

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