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Tofifest 2010 ON AIR Jury

Alvaro Pastor — born in 1972, Spanish director and scriptwriter. Pastor has worked in movies, television and advertising and as a scriptwriter and filmmaker, with almost all his artistic activity devoted to short features. He has directed and produced five movies, including Los dardos del Amor, and outstanding film Invulnerable, with more than 40 international awards. He has worked as a scriptwriter together with Antonio Naharro for over 14 years. They have written five shorts together and shared direction of Uno más, uno menos, nominated for the 2002 Goya award and awarded at Barcelona Curt Ficcions, Almeria IFF and Toronto. Yo, también (Mee Too) is his feature full-lenght film debut, a story about a friendship between women and a boy with Down's Syndrome.

Jacek Bławut was born in 1950 in Zagórze Śląskie. He is a Polish cinematographer and film director, lecturer in film schools. He is cameraman of education (graduated from Łódź Film School in 1982). In 2003 he became a member of the European Film Academy. Since 2008 he has been a member of the Polish Film Institute. Jacek Bławut became famous thanks to excellent documentaries: Wojownik, Szczur w koronie, Born dead, Nienormalni, Kostka cukru. In 2008 he received Silver Lions at the Film Festival in Gdynia for his feature film Jeszcze nie wieczór. In 1994 he received Passport of ‘Polityka’. He lectured in film schools in Berlin, Hannover and Warsaw and in Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. He is the author of shots to a number of Marek Koterski feature films (e.g. Dzień Świra) and to Dekolog X directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Olga Bołądź was born in 1984 in Torun. She is a versatile actress and a graduate of Cracow’s State Theatre School, a Spanish theatre school Instituto del Teatro in Barcelona, as well as Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles. Her work can be admired in numerous theatre productions, including, among others, Najzwyklejszy Cud by N. Łapina (Petersburg), Niby Alaska by J. Peszek, and Oczyszczenie by Peter Zelenka. As she says herself, what matters to her in life is the part and not the ‘production’ and therefore she often works for independent directors. Olga Bołądź is convincing in the roles she plays even though the characters she portrays are really different from her. The films she worked on include Skorumpowani by Jarosław Żamojda, Kobieta która śniła o mężczyźnie by Per Fly, and Miss Irena’s Children by J.K. Harrison. Olga speaks three foreign languages: Italian, Spanish and English. She enjoys an active lifestyle but acting remains her greatest passion. The year 2010 has already brought her two major roles — in the critically acclaimed Skrzydlate świnie by Anna Kazejak and Piksele by Jacek Lusiński.

Rik Vermeulen — born in The Netherlands in 1970, Rik Vermeulen studied engineering and film and produced a number of short films before joining the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) in 1998. Today he acts as a program adviser and industry consultant for the IFFR. Working freelance Rik is also Executive Director of the Transylvania International Film Festival (Cluj-Napoca), the most important international feature film festival in Romania, and programmer of the Noordelijk Film Festival (Leeuwarden),the largest film event in the northern regions of The Netherlands. Other events Rik was involved with are among other the Cent East Market Warsaw, a platform at which Eastern European feature films in post-production are presented to selected number of buyers and distributors, and the Sarajevo Cine Link Co-production market.

Piotr Marecki was born in 1976. He lives in Kraków. He is an editor, publisher, expert of cultural studies. He also fulfills functions of a Chairman of the Board of the Foundation Ha!art Corporation, lecturer at the Cultural Institute of Jagiellonian University, co-founder of the of Kraków Screenplays School and executive editor of ‘Ha!art’ magazine. Piotr Marecki is a co-author of a famous anthology about a young Polish literature ― Tekstylia (2002), editor of the dictionary of a young Polish culture ― Tekstylia bis (2006), editor of books about Internet literature (2002, 2003, 2010), author of the tome Pospolite ruszenie (2005) and book about Polish independent cinema ( 2009). He interviewed directors like Andrzej Żuławski (2008, with Piotr Kletowski), Andrzej Barański (2009) and Grzegorz Królikiewicz (2010, with Piotr Kletowski).

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