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Stars convention: Menzel and Królikiewicz in Toruń

The highlights of this Wednesday will be the visits of important guests of the Tofifest. Jiří Menzel who yesterday received a Golden Angel, will be joined by Dagur Kari and Grzegorz Królikiewicz. Wednesday is also going to be a day of film discussions within the Restarting Polish Cinema project, full of interesting screenings.

Among the festival screenings of the day well see, for example, movies taking part in the main On Air competition: the Iranian “Bedroud Baghdad / Farewell Baghdad” by Mahdi Faweri, the Belgia “Adem/Oxygen” by Hans Van Nuffel and Tilva Roš / Tilva Rosh” by Nikola Razaic.

The spectators will be able to choose from a number of meetings with artists. At the Baj Pomorski an encounter with Dagur Kari (Iceland) will take place: the guest is a member of the Tofifest 2011 jury and the winner of the Golden Angel for Eminent Young Artists of the European Cinema. Kari is very popular filmmaker in Poland. He’s the author of such great pictures as “Noi the Albino” and “Dark Horse”. After the screening of “Ostre sledované vlaky” (“Closely watched trains”), Jiří Menzel, the laureate of this year’s Special Golden Angel at the Tofifest, will deliver his masterclass, i.e. a special lecture the subject of which is going to sound “My inspiration with Hrabal”.

We are also going to be joined by a Polish cinematic master, Grzegorz Królikiewicz, a special guest of the 2011 Tofifest. The meeting with him will take place after the screening of “Na wylot” (“Right through”) which is presented in the Kino Przyszłości G. Królikiewicza section (Grzegorz Królikiewicz’s cinema of the future). The retropsection of Królikiewicz’s movies and his visit at the Tofifest are the biggest events dedicated to that director among all the Polish film festivals. The Tofifest is a partner of a great publication by the Ha!Art Publishing House, an extended interview with Królikiewicz entitled “Tworzę dla przyszłości” (“Creating things for the future”). Grzegorz Królikiewicz is a director and a scriptwriter, a professor and a teacher for whole generations of Polish filmmakers. He’s a creator of experimental movie concepts, compared by some of the critics to Andy Warhol or Paul Morrissey. For many years he collaborated with Czesław Niemen. He won awards in Gdynia, Karlovy Vary and Mannheim. In Toruń he’s going to deliver a masterclass and meet the audience after the screenings of “Tańczący jastrząb” (“The dancing hawk”), and “Przypadek Pekosińskiego” (“The Pekosiński case”). Królikiewicz is another great figure, still undiscovered, that we present to our audience at the Tofifest. The Torunian festival has already discovered an number of artists for the Polish viewers: the Dutchman Theo Van Gogh, the Swiss Allain Tanner, or Ken Russel from Great Britain.

An immensely interesting point of the schedule is going to be the discussion held within the project called: “Restarting Polish Cinema: New historic cinema in Poland — multiplying the narration”. Its participants will be Piotr Kletowski, Piotr Marecki, Joanna Ostrowska, Jakub Majmurek, Małgorzata Radkiewicz. The meeting of this think-tank, struggling in favour of “restarting” Polish Ciemna, will be open for the audience and the festiwal guests.

Equally interesting, yet radically different, is the meeting and projection of two simple amateurish materials from seventy years backwards, which discovery was accompanied by TOFIFEST. These films are: “Torun 1939” and “Warsaw 1938”, which are being shown in category “Localizations”. The meeting will be held by Szymon Spandowski from editorial office of Nowości. It is he, who made the discovery of those pre-war documentary films, shot by film amateur Bogusław Magiera, showing Torun and Warsaw in 1938 and 1939. The films went for the regular presentation in Kino Centrum CSW in Torun. The films met huge popularity of audience. The discovery intensified the absorption for history of cinema in Torun. The disclosure of the Warsaw part fructified with the proposition of incorporating the film to the collection of National Film Library and Historical Museum of the city of Warsaw.

The audience will also meet Paweł Kosuń, the head of the production of the film “If fish could talk” from the Shortcut competition, and with Mahdi Naderi, the director of the competitive film “Farewell Baghdad”.

The day will be closed with TOFIFEST at night — FestClub ENERDE, when from 10 p.m. the audience will be able to hear the JAM SESSION Enerde / Bar Stage: ZIGGY DUST.

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