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Jerzy Stuhr with the Golden Angel

„This award will be the symbol of my whole life, artistic career and this, what I was capable of creating” – claimed Jerzy Stuhr during the opening ceremony of the 9th edition of IFF Tofifest in Torun. Stuhr has received the Golden Angel Award for Artistic Insolence. Apart from that, we could also be witnesses of the Polish first screening of remastered version of legendary film “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick.

On the Saturday night, the Special Golden Angel for Artistic Insolence went to one of the greatest polish actors, directors and screenwriters. Stuhr has been awarded two times with Golden Lions in Gdynia, for his acting craft. Stuhr’s artistic life is full of constant changes and inquisitions for new forms of expression.

“I am really glad to be here tonight and to hold this Angel as it is for artistic insolence, which is a very important matter for me. Being insolent at my age requires continual standing for what I believe in” – said Stuhr. He highlighted that his whole artistic life came out of inside disagreement. “Basically from query: What can I accept? My understanding of insolence is being faithful to myself and to what I create. In artistic thinking there is no chance for compromising” – continued laureate.

Opening ceremony of the 9th IFF Tofifest was made more glamorous by the first polish premiere and second, after the first screening on Cannes’ Festival in Europe, of the remastered version of the film “Clockwise orange” by Stanley Kubrick. Traded by censorship, rebellious film, in the fortieth anniversary of its premiere, has opened the “insolent” festival.

The organization of this incredible event was contributed by the family of Stanley Kubrick and the film distributor – Warner Bros. Entertainment Poland. During the International Film Festival Tofifest both, guests and spectators, were able to see the masterpiece of world’s cinematography, in new, remastered version. Its first presentation took place in May 2011 during the Cannes’ Festival. Critics emphasized at that time, that Kubrick’s artwork is the timeless creation and that the vision of director’s “violence aesthetics” has arisen the film to the rank of the philosophical parable. The first HD version of the film was produced specially for the International Film Festival TOFIFEST.

(photo by Wojtek Szabelski / freepress.pl)

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