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Shortcut. We lay our cards are on the table. Here goes composition of the jury and the films featured in competitions

Shortcut. The Shortcut International Competition of Short Films is a unique sections dedicated to the films little in form but great in meaning, all of which will be competing for a statuette of the Golden Angel , during the 17th edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival.

Films from all around the globe will be featured in the competition, representing various genres, discussing burning problems, but also trying simply to amuse the audience and make them forget their everyday troubles for a little while. All of them certainly have one thing in common: the quality and rebelliousness that we in Toruń have seen as essential for so many years.

This year, the number of submissions for this competition has exceeded 2,500 films from all around the world! The long and tedious selection carried out by Szymon Zdziebło, curator of this section, leaves no room for any doubt that the jury will have a long and turbulent session ahead of them.

This year, the following people have accepted the challenge:

A real treat of this section will be the screening of the film II koncert na wiolonczelę i orkiestrę / Concerto no. 2 for Cello and Orchestra directed by Maciej Stuhr, the script for which was based on real events. The foundation for the script was a TV report by Małgorzata Smolak, in which she portrayed a man, who suffered a stroke and tries to rebuild his life.

We will also have a chance to face the problem of illegal immigrants (in Alien from South Korea), analyse the relationship between an artist and his mentor (Dziwor, which portrays the cooperation between Paweł Dyllus and Bogdan Dziworski), we will watch the existence of a person never noticed by anybody (Marcel from Poland), and a woman experiencing sudden panic attacks (Bitten from Poland).

This year, the films featured in the competitions include some, which have already circulated through many international festivals, for example in: Cannes (As Up to Now from Hungary, All Inclusive from Finland, Duszyczka from Poland, The Distance Between Us from Greece and France, And Then the Bear from France, Roadkill from Great Britain), Venice (All Inclusive from Switzerland, Kado from Indonesia, The Summer and All the Rest from Holland, Los Bastardos from Argentina, Mano a Mano from France, Strano telo from Serbia, Staircase from Iran), Berlin (Entropy from Hungary, Story from Poland, Suc de sindria from Spain, Umbra from Germany), Clermont-Ferrand (Patision Avenue from Greece), or in Gdynia (It's Good Like That from Poland).

There will also be a chance to see some award-winning films, which competed for the most important prizes in the film industry, for example: Academy Awards (Animal Behaviour from Canada, Black Sheep from Great Britain, Fauve from Canada, Skin from USA), BAFTA (Roughhouse from Great Britain), or European Film Awards (Gli Anni from Italy and France).

Winners of the competition will be announced on 26th October, during the Closing Ceremony of the 17th edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival.

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