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Come and visit another edition of the Movieplay! workshops. Movieplay! is an extremely effective form of film education, addressed to children and youth. It accompanies the Tofifest IFF.

Movieplay! is an interdisciplinary workshop project that combines activities, concerning broadly defined film, photography, sound, image editing, and various forms of artistic actions and photographic practices. It is also aimed at analysing the relationship between visual perception and the sphere of sound. Movieplay! popularizes the knowledge about cinema, understood as a synthesis of arts, making it possible to look at the many themes and complexity of a creative process that accompanies visual arts.

This year, we would like to invite you to participate in the creating of a non-classical detective story. It will be a 3-day workshop, during which we will attempt to define crime as a film genre, and a trend in cinema. We will become familiarised with its style and atmosphere, and try to create our own sub-genre, at the end of workshop activities.

We will record an ageless image of a city full of anxiety and unusual occurrences, when tracking down the secrets of a hunchbacked pharmacist, the actions of a private detective, or when tracking the complicated lot of residents in some mysterious tenement. Complex chronology, retrospectives, off-screen narration, and a dark story — all of these elements will create this year’s production of a low-budget crime story. Will there be a happy end?

We would like to invite children and young people between 10 and 15 years of age. Limited number of seats. Registration (starting on 14.10.2013) is required.

The people behind workshops and activities: Matylda Hinc, Katarzyna Jankowska, and Damian Daniłowicz. More on: http://filmogranie.blogspot.com/.

2013 Programme

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