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One Billion Happy People

Miliard szczęśliwych ludzi · dir. Maciej Bochniak
Poland 2011, 70’


10/23, 11:00 · Kino Centrum


Bayer Full band is a living legend of disco polo. The band has been around for more that 25 years, led by Sławomir Świerzyński. They have already sold between ten and twenty million records. Bayer Full is also absolutely non-existent in the Polish mass media, recording and distributing clandestinely, treated by music critics as entertainment of lower quality. In 2010, all Polish mass media delivered the news that Bayer Full signed a deal for 67 million albums and was preparing to release a record for Chinese audience. The idea came from Krzysztof Darewicz — a Pole, who has lived in China, for many years. The documentary presents the real story behind that famous event and the clash of two personalities — charismatic Sławomir Świerzyński, leader of Bayer Full and Krzysztof Darewicz, sinologist and journalist, who the mastermind behind the Chinese adventure of the band. What will be the outcome of their cooperation?

Director:Maciej Bochniak
Screenplay:Maciej Bochniak
Cinematography:Grzegorz Hartfiel
Editing:Maciej Bochniak
Cast:Bayer Full

Maciej Bochniak was born in 1984, in Krakow. He is a screenwriter, director, drummer and photographer. He has graduated from Studies in Screenwriting at the Film School in Lodz. He is a co-founder of Impression2Films. He first became a sound designer and then started making short films, documentaries, TV documentary programmes and video clips. He is the author of the following short films: I Love so much (2009), Reception (2011) and The Room (2011, in cooperation with Sławomir Shuty).


  • 2011 – Miliard szczęśliwych ludzi / One Billion Happy People

2012 Programme

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