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Pozdrowienia z raju · dir. Brillante Mendoza
Philippines, France, Germany, Great Britain 2012, 120’


10/24, 20:00 · Baj Pomorski – hall A


In May 2001, a group of foreigners spending their time on an exotic island in South Philippines are brutally awakened from their night sleep. A number of masked men with rifles take them to a barge and sail away far to the sea. The frightened tourists quickly realise they have been kidnapped. One of them is Therese, a humanitarian activist from France. The kidnappers shout “Allahu Akbar” and introduce themselves as Islamist fighters linked to an organisation led by certain Osama bin Laden. They inform the multi-national group of captives that their release is only possible, if somebody pays ransom. This is the beginning of a long ordeal for the group of captives, who are making their way through the jungle, under constant fire from the Philippine army. One day, they overhear a radio report on the attacks on WTC. The captives are horrified and come to the conclusion that the entire world is now in the hands of terrorists.

Director:Brillante Mendoza
Screenplay:Brillante Mendoza, Boots Agbayani Pastor, Patrick Bancarel, Arlyn dela Cruz
Music:Teresa Barrozo
Cinematography:Odyssey Flores
Editing:Yves Deschamps, Kats Serraon
Cast:Isabelle Huppert, Katherine Mulville, Marc Zanetta, Rustica Carpio, Coco Martin
Awards:Udział w konkursie głównym / Participation in the Main Competition – Berlinale (2011)

Brillante Mendoza was born in 1960. He has studied fine arts at the University of Santo Tomas and his speciality was advertising. He started his film career as a screenwriter for television, film and theatre. Mendoza first worked on local productions and later cooperated with a commercial television, becoming one of the most valued production designers. In the years 1990–2004, he worked as an artistic director for TV commercials, cooperating with both domestic and international advertisers. His film portfolio includes the following titles: Masahista, Service and Kinatay.

2012 Programme

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