FORUM. The section FORUM is dedicated to films that have already received accolade from both Polish and international audiences and film critics, and sparked lots of discussions among critics and fans. More »

The Romantic and Vampiric Five. This year, we have created a very special film section for our audience, which corresponds to the main theme of the festival. THE ROMANTIC AND VAMPIRIC FIVE contains films about vampires, in which these creatures are shown from many interesting perspectives. More »

MUST SEE MUST BE . The section MUST SEE MUST BE contains films we have carefully selected for you, some of which even the most knowledgeable cinema enthusiasts might have missed among the plethora of films that are made every single year. More »

Films from A to Z

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Failed scenarioFailed scenario
Nevykęs scenarijus
dir. Kristina Sereikaitė, Linas Mikuta
Lithuania 2010, 8’
Farewell BaghdadFarewell Baghdad
Bedroud Baghdad
dir. Mehdi Naderi
Iran 2010, 97’
Father, TheFather, The
Father, The
dir. David Easteal
Australia 2011, 16’
Field, TheField, The
dir. Jim Sheridan
Ireland, Great Britain 1990, 107’
Flying PigsFlying Pigs
Skrzydlate świnie
dir. Anna Kazejak-Dawid
Poland 2010, 99’
For you I will fightFor you I will fight
Pour toi je ferai bataille
dir. Rachel Lang
Belgium 2011, 16’
Forbidden fruit no. 6Forbidden fruit no. 6
Zakazany owoc nr 6
dir. Le Kolektiff Negatif (Piotr Buratyński, Michał Kowalski, Dawid Śmigielski)
Poland 2011, 83’
Foreign MindForeign Mind
dir. Martynas Petrošius
Lithuania 2010, 13’
Four StepsFour Steps
Keturi žingsniai
dir. Audrius Stonys
Lithuania 2008, 42’