Must See Must Be. The section Must See Must Bee is a summary of the films screened during the most important film festivals around the world which even the most knowledgeable film enthusiasts might have missed, when making an effort to digest the plethora of new film productions. More »

Polonica. Polish artists are crossing the boundaries — both metaphorically, and literally. When working abroad, their contribute their unique style, talent, and personality, to international cinema. The section POLONICA is designed to present the most interesting films made by or with the participation of Polish male and female artists. More »

Tim Burton’s Peculiar Five. Peculiar, unconventional, unique, unlike any other artist in the world — you cannot confuse him with anybody else. The world of Tim Burton is one of immense and absolutely unique imagination, filled with various colours, and abundant in astonishing sounds and characters. This is a cinema you cannot tame or stop. Beautiful, lively, and absorbing. More »

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Variete muzyka bez końcaLandowski, Dariusz
Variete muzyka bez końca
Variete muzyka bez końca
2010, 90’
For you I will fightLang, Rachel
For you I will fight
Pour toi je ferai bataille
2011, 16’
DogtoothLanthimos, Giorgos
2009, 94’
Train stops for five minutesLapinskaitė, Janina
Train stops for five minutes
Traukinys stovi penkias minutes
2009, 57’
Forbidden fruit no. 6Le Kolektiff Negatif
Forbidden fruit no. 6
Zakazany owoc nr 6
2011, 83’
ErratumLechki, Marek
2010, 90’
Domino Effect, TheLetnia Szkoła Filmu i Reportażu Fundacji Art House
Domino Effect, The
Efekt domina
2010, 0’
Tilva RoshLežaić, Nikola
Tilva Rosh
Tilva Roš
2010, 110’
My JoyLoznitsa, Sergei
My Joy
Schastye moye
2010, 127’
DuburysLukšas, Gytis
2009, 140’
Here and ThereLungulov, Darko
Here and There
Tamo i ovde
2009, 85’
LynchŁukaszewicz, Krzysztof
2010, 81’
Toruń 1939 — Warszawa 1938Magiera, Bogusław
Toruń 1939 — Warszawa 1938
Toruń 1939 — Warszawa 1938
1939, 27’
Mill and the Cross, TheMajewski, Lech J.
Mill and the Cross, The
Młyn i krzyż
2011, 96’
Rite of Passage, TheMajewski, Janusz
Rite of Passage, The
Mała matura 1947
2010, 108’
MisunderstandingMarcinkus, Ričardas
2011, 11’
Chico & RitaMariscal, Javier
Chico & Rita
Chico & Rita
2010, 94’
Tour, TheMarković, Goran
Tour, The
2008, 105’
Away We GoMendes, Sam
Away We Go
Para na życie
2009, 98’
Closely Watched TrainsMenzel, Jiří
Closely Watched Trains
Ostře sledované vlaky
1968, 89’
Cutting It ShortMenzel, Jiří
Cutting It Short
1980, 93’
I Served the King of EnglandMenzel, Jiří
I Served the King of England
Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále
2006, 120’
Goodbye, how are you?Mitić, Boris
Goodbye, how are you?
Dovidjenja, kako ste?
2008, 60’
Wait for Me and I Will Not ComeMomčilović, Miroslav
Wait for Me and I Will Not Come
Čekaj me, ja sigurno neću doći
2009, 90’
Tuesday, After ChristmasMuntean, Radu
Tuesday, After Christmas
Marţi, după Crăciun
2010, 99’