Cinema at the ‘Końcówa’ pub. The atmosphere you will find at the very heart of the Old Town in Torun is a perfect spot to experience hair-raising cinema. Last year, our audience responded enthusiastically to the idea of an open-air cinema at the ‘Końcówa’ pub. More »

REBELS. Every single year, REBELS is the section that our audience want to see the most. This section is a vessel for presenting extraordinary stories of people from all corners of the world. More »

Eternal love. ‘Dracula’ by Francis Ford Coppola is the leading theme of the 22nd edition of the Tofifest International Film Festival. Kujawy Pomorze Region. When the Irish writer Bram Stoker came up with the idea for ‘Dracula’, it would have not occurred to anybody that he was to create a character that would later become an icon of pop culture, reproduced countless times. More »

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Made in PolandMade in Poland
Made in Poland
dir. Przemysław Wojcieszek
Poland 2010, 90’
High Voltage
dir. Dániel Erdélyi
Hungary 2010, 14’
Mała matura 1947Mała matura 1947
Rite of Passage, The
dir. Janusz Majewski
Poland 2010, 108’
Mechaniczna pomarańczaMechaniczna pomarańcza
Clockwork Orange, A
dir. Stanley Kubrick
USA, Great Britain 1971, 136’
Medeni MesecMedeni Mesec
dir. Goran Paskaljević
Serbia, Albania 2009, 95’
dir. Lars von Trier
Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy 2011, 130’
Mi Otra MihadMi Otra Mihad
My Other Half
dir. Beatriz Sanchís
Spain 2010, 18’
Micky BaderMicky Bader
Bathing Micky
dir. Frida Kempff
Sweden 2011, 14’
Miłość i gniewMiłość i gniew
Look Back in Anger
dir. Tony Richardson
Great Britain 1959, 98’
Młyn i krzyżMłyn i krzyż
Mill and the Cross, The
dir. Lech J. Majewski
Poland, Sweden 2011, 96’
Moja lewa stopaMoja lewa stopa
My left foot
dir. Jim Sheridan
Ireland, Great Britain 1989, 103’
Moje szczęścieMoje szczęście
Schastye moye
dir. Sergei Loznitsa
Germany, Ukraine, The Netherlands 2010, 127’
Mosquitera, La
dir. Agustí Vila
Spain 2009, 95’